Donations Gratefully Accepted

Each year, we draw for prizes at the Annual General Meeting and, while some are donated from companies which exhibit with us, others come from member companies attending as delegates.

Prize sponsorships are an ideal way of promoting your business to delegates.  We acknowledge sponsors in the publicity leading up to the event including in Metal Matters magazine, on Facebook and Linkedin, and in the President’s Report to members.

What makes a good Lucky Seat prize?

Ideally, something easy to carry home and relevant to delegates.  Gift vouchers are welcome if the merchant provides services nationwide (our delegates come from around NZ—not just main centres).   If your company chooses to donate a large-sized item, you are responsible for shipping that prize to the winner following the convention. 

If your business would like to donate a Lucky Seat prize, click here  to send us details of the prize, its value, and a photograph for publicity.

When you arrive at the conference venue, please deliver your prize to the AMR reception desk

This year, we are also instituting a Silent Auction to help with fundraising for AMR's activities.

Unlike Lucky Seat Prizes, silent auction items are larger value products and services that will attract bids from delegates.  Silent auction items must be declared in advance to enable us to organise the auction prior to the start of  the event.

If your business would like to donate a Silent Auction prize, click here to send us details of the prize, its value, and a photograph (if appropriate) for publicity.

Suggested examples of silent auction items are:

· Weekend or weeklong stays at holidays homes

· Artworks and other collectibles

· Tickets to concerts and other events





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