AMR Code of Conduct

The NZ Association of Metal Recyclers Incorporated (AMR) is an organisation committed to raising the standard of professionalism within the metals recycling industry, both locally and internationally. It represents its members at a government level, while also communicating with other industry sectors and the general public.

It aims to raise awareness in any matter which affects the industry and to ensure members have an adequate understanding of their legal obligations while providing the means for members to grow and improve their technical and general knowledge. In order to maintain an ethical and professional industry, AMR requires members to adopt the following Code of Conduct to govern their operations:

Operational Commitment

  1. To carry out all transactions with our customers and suppliers in a fair, honest and ethical manner, ensuring accuracy, safety and integrity at all times.
  2. To honour any contracts that have been freely entered into, with particular adherence to the quantity and quality commitments made.
  3. To listen and negotiate in good faith when complaints arise
  4. To ensure compliance as applicable to their operations, with all relative legislative requirements including local, national and international laws.
  5. To implement practical methods to protect the environment, with a focus on continued improvement towards environmental care, protection and compliance
  6. To conform to Occupational Health and Safety regulations and to promote and provide a safe environment for our staff, customers and the public.
  7. To cooperate with law enforcement and other relevant authorities regarding the prevention and recovery of stolen materials.
  8. To work with their communities to support the economic development of their region and to operate as good corporate citizens within that community.
  9. To represent AMR in a professional manner at all times, displaying the official AMR logo, reflecting the values of the Association and demonstrating the commitment to work to raise standards within our industry.

Failure to uphold these commitments, and conduct which endangers or is likely to endanger the name, reputation or standing of the Association or of its members, may result in a member facing the Association's disciplinary process.

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